The ABC of New Zealand's Ten Year Vision for Pharmacists: awareness, barriers and consultation


Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand. E‐mail: [email protected]


Objectives This study aimed to determine New Zealand pharmacists' awareness of, recall of consultation about, and potential barriers to the implementation of the Focus on the Future: Ten Year Vision for Pharmacists in New Zealand: 2004–2014 document.

Method A national postal survey was carried out in New Zealand of practising pharmacists registered with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (n = 1892). The survey was conducted between September and December 2006.

Key findings The response rate was 51.8% (n = 980 usable surveys). Approximately three‐quarters (73.4%) reported being aware of the 10‐year vision document and 40.9% recall being consulted. Fewer than one‐third (29.8%) had read the document prior to completing the survey. Thirty‐two variables describing potential barriers to implementing the 10‐year vision were reduced, through factor analysis, to seven factors with significant eigenvalues (>1.0). The factors describe the underlying themes of barriers identified in the survey, including pharmacist humanistic, integrated systems of care and teamwork, funder stakeholder relationships and remuneration, lack of appreciation of knowledge and skills, lack of research support, current expertise and continuing professional development, and lack of voice. The majority of barrier variables within the seven factors were rated as extremely or quite important.

Conclusions There was a high level of awareness and moderate level of recall of consultation on the document among respondents. Although 40% recall being consulted on the document, fewer than one‐third reported having read the document prior to completing our survey. Pharmacists highlighted a significant number of potential barriers to the implementation of the 10‐year vision. If the pharmacy profession in New Zealand is to move forward towards the state described in the 10‐year vision document then these potential barriers need to be better understood and addressed.